Check possible ordered pairs

I am working on an activity where I want students to enter possible ordered pairs on a line. So, far I have
initialLatex: (,)

input2 = parseOrderedPair(math2.latex)

x2 = numericValue(input2.x)
y2 = numericValue(input2.y)

check2 = x2 = 9.1 and y2 = 16.1

correct: check2

But, this only checks one ordered pair.

How do I change it so that I can check any ordered pair using slope and intercept on my end.

check that the coordinate pair satsify your equation.
in fact i’d advise that instead of hardcoding specific values to check against

I totally agree with you. How do I do that instead of what I have?

What’s your line equation?

y = 1.75x on one slide and
y = 1.5x + 3 on the other.

Well this will randomly generate things for you and I think do what you’re after: point check • Activity Builder by Desmos

Awesome, thank you so much!

Sure thing. Just give the solution a check mark so it registers as a solution.