Dashboard Check mark for Ordered Pair

I have the students entering an ordered pair, but I am not getting the check mark on the dashboard.

Here’s the coding for the note
myPair = parseOrderedPair(input.latex)

content: when input.submitted and numericValue(myPair.x)=5 and numericValue(myPair.y)=549.50 “:white_check_mark: Great job! Now explain what this point means”
when input.submitted and (not(numericValue(myPair.x)=5) or not(numericValue(myPair.y)=549.50)) “:x: Check your work to see if you can find your mistake. Be sure to write your answer as a ordered pair.”
otherwise “Find and interpret the ordered pair associated with x=5.”

Here’s the coding to check if they are correct or not
disableEvaluation: true
correct: exp2.numericValue=549.5 or exp2.numericValue=549.50

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance!

Your correct sink should look the pretty much the same as your first “when” in the content sink, but it looks like you’re using different component names. (I’d also put your correction check all in the input and just reference that in the note.)
Input CL:

myPair= parseOrderedPair(this.latex)
check= numericValue(myPair.x)=5 and numericValue(myPair.y)=549.5
correct: check and this.submitted

Note CL:

content: when not(input.submitted) "Find and interpret..."
         when input.script.check "... Great Job!..."
         otherwise "Check your work..."