Check the answer infinity

Hi there, i am new to CL.
This is my small activity

It was good to find in your videos how to use numberValue to check a numeric value without problems if a student insert a space or something. But now I am curious if it is somehow possible to do a better check also when the answer is infinity.
The way I did it, simply checking the latex, means that if the student writes “\infty” that is marked correct, but if for example the student writes “ \infty” that is marked incorrect. That does not sound good, but I can’t think of a better solution as numericValue does not work in this case.
Any idea to suggest?
Many thanks in advance

Try literal pattern matching for special characters!

correttezzaA = patterns.literal(`\infty`).matches(espressioneA.latex)

Awesome! That is exactly what I needed! Thank you very much!!!