Checking Answer for Interval Notation in LaTeX String

I ask my students to provide the domain of a function in interval notation on slide 5 of the activity linked below. I’d like the content of the note to change if the student input the correct answer, but I can’t quite get it to work with this string.

Thoughts? Thanks!

If you’re talking about slide #5 I think the only thing you’re missing is \ in front of infty.

This should work…

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Thank you! That was what I missed.

One more, same slide: It shows Great job! for the content of the note when she’s submitted it correctly:

But nothing on the teacher dashboard:

I set the code in the action button to mark as correct: image

Am I missing something else?

The dot indicates that there is some work on the screen that can’t be assigned correctness. In this case the explain prompt. If its coded correctly you should be able to get a dot for correct and an x for incorrect. The dot telling the teacher to check out periscope view to look at the student explanation.

In other cases you can end up with a dot if there are components like graphs that have not been indicated as “readOnly” and may, according to the computer contain student work. Marking those as readOnly: true will allow math inputs (without explain) to be marked with a check or x.

How should I change “\left[4,\infty\right)” to reflect the interval [-2,1]?

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You need a double \ wherever you have a single .

“\left[-2,1\right]” to reflect the interval [-2,1]

Double escaping has been deprecated. It’s onlly single now.