CL will not mark correct interval with one bracket and one parentheses

I am making a Desmos activity where students type intervals of increasing, decreasing, and constant from a graph.

The increasing interval for the graph in the photo below is (-5,-2]… there is no decreasing and the constant is [-2,3].

This is the code:


when tc1>0
  when li1=`\left[-5,-2\right)` and lde1=`N` and lc1=`\left[-2,3\right]` "Nice work! Head to the next slide."
  otherwise "Hmm, one or more of your intervals needs another go. Remember you are answering the question: For what x-values are the y-values increasing/decreasing/constant? Use brackets unless there is an open circle or infinity."
otherwise ""

It is only giving the long otherwise text when I enter all three intervals correctly. I have played around with it enough to know that it is the increasing interval with the one parentheses and one bracket that is the problem, but I cannot figure out how to fix this.

Link to activity: Domain, Range, and Intervals • Activity Builder by Desmos

Thank you!

I took this approach as a work around.

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