CL that will self-check an equation matches a solution

I want to create an activity that gives a solution to students, then they must tell an equation with that solution. Is there a way to write CL to check if the equation produces the correct solution?

If so, is it better to have students input the equations in different “math input” boxes, or put them all in a table?
I am very new to CL, so please pardon my ignorance. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

You can see the activity thus far here: One-Step Equation Starter • Activity Builder by Desmos

Pretty easy:

#student equation turned into left side minus right side function
check= eq.evaluateAt(solution)=0

Tables can give cleaner appearance and reduce the number of slides, but it can get a little tedious referencing each cell. For example:

#student equation turned into left side minus right side function
check1= eq1.evaluateAt(solution1)=0
#You'd need to repeat this for each cell

Math inputs on different slides makes copying your CL very easy. All you would need to change is the 10 for each slide to whatever solution you want.