Note and Input cooperation?

It’s me again. I appreciate your patience as I learn this language and software. I love it…even when it is frustrating me, like now. :slight_smile:

On Screen 16 of the above posted activity, I have it set to provide a random number to the student. They then have to simply write that number in the input. I want it to be marked as correct when they do this. My challenge is I cannot put the “correct” check in the note. And I cannot figure out how to reference the random number and compare it to thier input when they press submit. You can see the code that I have tried there.

I think part of my challenge is knowing how to use the "history’ function as well as calling out variables from different components. I hope that makes sense.

You can use this in the CL

correct: input16.numericValue=note16.script.A_be

however, you will need to turn off the student’s explanation if you want a check to show on the summary screen.

I’m going to look at your activity, but… “history” is a list of all the values from a button “capture”. You can use “lastValue” to get the most recent.

I like to do all checking inside inputs, tables, wherever the student input is. I create a variable, “check” and use that for my correct sink as well as in other components. Access variables from other components generally using:
You may need to use ${ } around that if you’re putting into note content, or a calculation inside “numericValue” for example.

correct: input16.numericValue=note16.script.o

Thanks! I tried everything except putting script in there. It kept suggesting that and I kept rejecting it because I was not sure what it was. Ill read more on that now though.