Checking exponent answers in a table

I created a table and for students to change expressions with negative exponents to expressions with positive exponents. I do not want the expression simplified. I want students to get feedback if they are correct or not.

I’ve tried multiple things but can’t figure out how to code the CL layer. Here is what I have. (I commented out several line items to help me solve the problem.) The answer I want students to type in for prob1 is: 1 over 5 to the power of 2 (but as a fraction - not in words)

cellDisableEvaluation(1,2): true
#cellDisableEvaluation(2,2): true
#cellDisableEvaluation(3,2): true
#cellDisableEvaluation(4,2): true

prob1 = when this.cellContent(1,2) = \frac{1}{5^{2}}1 otherwise 0
#prob2 = when this.cellContent(2,2) = 1 1 otherwise 0
#prob3 = when this.cellContent(3,2) = 3/y^2 1 otherwise 0
#prob4 = when this.cellContent(4,2) = b^3/a^7 1 otherwise 0

cellSuffix(1,2): when button14.lastValue(“prob1”)=1 “:white_check_mark:
when button14.lastValue(“prob1”)=0 “:x:
otherwise “”

#cellSuffix(2,2): when button14.lastValue(“prob2”)=1 “:white_check_mark:
#when button14.lastValue(“prob2”)=0 “:x:
#otherwise “”

#cellSuffix(3,2): when button14.lastValue(“prob3”)=1 “:white_check_mark:
#when button14.lastValue(“prob3”)=0 “:x:
#otherwise “”

#cellSuffix(4,2): when button14.lastValue(“prob4”)=1 “:white_check_mark:
#when button14.lastValue(“prob4”)=0 “:x:
#otherwise “”

correct: prob1=1 #and prob2=1 and prob3=1 and prob4=1

I can’t tell if the forum is messing up your formatting, but the content needs to be in quotes or backticks:

prob1 = when this.cellContent(1,2) = `\frac{1}{5^{2}}` 1 otherwise 0

You’re my hero! Thank you!!!

Slide 7 of this has exponents on different levels