Equations with exponents

I have been looking on google but was not able find what I am looking for.

I am wanting students to be able to solve equations involving exponents and then be able to check for correctness.

A few examples of things I am trying to solve:

4^x = 64 x=3

4^4-5x = 256

2^3x+1 = 4^x x=-1

(x^x+1)(2^3x-4) = 64 x = 3/2

(1/9)^2x-1 (81) = 243 x= 1/4

(125^3y+7)/3125^y) = 15625 y = -15/4

Is something like this possible? I was trying to use the simple function but had no luck. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

simpleFunction should work fine for the first, but your others aren’t formatted correctly. You can always type your equation into the graphing calculator then copy and paste it to the CL to see how it should be formatted (i.e. the exponent portion should be surrounded by curly braces).

For example, for your second equation:


As you’ve written, 4^4-5x = 256 is equivalent to -5x+4^4 =256.

Thank you for your response. I am doing something incorrect. I tried putting the code in for a math input and as a table and I am getting errors on both. Could you help me please?

You don’t need anything in the Note CL. Try this in the CL for the Table:

f = simpleFunction("4^{4-5x}")
cellContent(1,3): when check  "✅" otherwise ""

And this for the Math Input:


In slide 2, there’s no correct sink for a note, so all the code you have in the note should be in the input CL. I made a mistake in my original post (fixed now). It should be evaluateAt. Then where I have input you need to change to input1 since that’s the name of your input.

Once you’ve moved your code, if you want your note to have some feedback, you can refer to input1.script.check for any when-otherwise statements.

Thank you both for your help, I truly appreciate it.

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