Checking Text in Table


I am wanting to have the students type in the name of a chemical compound into a table box and see if it is correct. Is this possible?


Well, you can use a piecewise expression [by using braces/curly brackets {}] they do an action with a condition.

How it looks

{condition(ex. xf = 1 or x ≤ my):action(ex. c→23 or c→2^ab)}



This example will show a graph with a horizontal line segment with a y of 0. The line segment will be a line ranging from x of 20 to an x of 60.

But is not a table a table of points? So how can you put some text in a table?
Just HOW!?


I found this interesting and wanted to learn more about using the table in a similar way that you mentioned. I am not a science teacher by any means. But I did play around until I was able to come up with something for you. Check this out. You can copy the coding if you would like.

I am sorry, I do not know anything about teacher desmos, my statement may have not been much help…