Table Check given equation

I would like to give students a proportional equation and then they can chose any x values they want to put into the table, and they would then find the y values. I want to have it self check but can’t figure out the coding. Any help would be appreciated.

A couple different strategies will work. You can use a graph or just the table. This is one method for the table (x in column 1, y in column 2):

check1= this.cellNumericValue(1,2)=f.evaluateAt(this.cellNumericValue(1,1))
check2= this.cellNumericValue(2,2)=f.evaluateAt(this.cellNumericValue(2,1))

You can then use the different check variables for student feedback and/or the correct sink. If non-terminating decimal answers are expected, you may need to adjust to something like this:

check1= simpleFunction(`${this.cellContent(1,2)}`=f.evaluateAt(this.cellNumericValue(1,1))

There are some other checking methods as well.