Class Limit Size?

Is there a limit to the size a Activity class can be? I was trying this feature for the first time today and several students couldn’t gain access saying that the limit of 30 students was reached??

It’s supposed to be unlimited. Did you do it through Google Classroom? This may be related to my issue I had with a split class.

Hey Bruce!

Could we get a little more info about whats happening here? specifically
a) are you using a Desmos Class (with a class code), or importing from Google Classroom?
b) How are students trying to access the activity?
c) What error message are the students seeing?

A screenshot of the error message would be ideal. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing publicly, PM or email me works well.

So yes, I was using a Desmos Class, not accessing through Google Classroom. Students were on a Zoom call and instructed to open a new tab in their browser and follow the directions to student.desmos and enter the code. Most students got in successfully. The ones who didn’t reported a message saying the class was at maximum of 30. I’m not sure about that last statement as I didn’t see the message they got and I was in a hurry so switched to a single session code which worked fine. Sorry I don’t have any more details.

What if it isn’t a Desmos class with a class code? Just a link to a single session code. I was thinking about creating/using an activity for asynchronous work district wide to support teachers during a duty free day.

You shouldn’t have a problem with class size limits. At large numbers, the dashboard starts to slow down but the student experience remains the same.