Clickable point-- fill, unfill

I am looking for a domain/range AB where the S’s could drag out an interval on each axes to match the graph and then click the endpoints to fill or unfill. Can points be made clickable by the general public? I am behind on my CL! Also, if anyone has something like this, please, please.

Points can be made clickable now, but they can’t be draggable at the same time.

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In documentation for how?? Sorry, running fast.

The closest activity I have that offers something similar is below.

In the graphing calculator site, I activated in the Account Settings-Advanced:

And here’s the help site.

Kind of like this? (Maybe more efficient ways to do it.)

I’ll endorse this approach! I did a bit of cosmetic changes, moving the point to sit on top of the function and shaded region; and also changed the name for the parameter that controls whether the point is filled in or open:

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Nice work on the upgrade!