Draggable Points to Make a Dotplot

Hi everyone.

I was planning in making class survey, then ask the students to make a dotplot by dragging movable points from a “box” of points. I can make all the movable dots easily but I have no idea how to make them stack up. Can this be done?

Thanks again.

Here’s a starter:

It’s not an unlimited number of points (and new points need to be made manually) but it should be performing enough as long as you know how many point lhs you’ll need.

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Thank you.

Is there a way to copy the entire graph into a desmos activity slide?

Use the link and paste it into an expression line in the activity’s graph.

Thank you both for the help.

What do I need to do if I wanted to change the location where the movable dots begin?

You’ll need to change each x_n.

I changed all the x_n = to 0 and all the points moved to the y-axis, stacked up, and are no longer movable.

I can adjust. Where do you want the “point bank” location to be, and where do you want the dot plot to start?

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I wanted it to start at x=1, not at x=-1.

I also dragged the points in the original code, and there is something funky with point #10 and point #13.

where do you want the dot plot to start?

At 2. Thank you very much for the help.

No problem. Thanks for catching the step value error.

s_tart and b_ound can be set in one place now (for setup only. variable start locations could break stuff)

Thank you so much for the help.

You can also make a table in google sheets/excel and then just copy and paste it into desmos to make a MONSTER TABLE.

Then hold the color circle over y_1 to make it dragable.