Code for simple algebra equations with the random generator

I am trying to get the code straight for a beginning algebra review activity. I want to have a basic missing number problem like {___ - 22 = 23} with the random generator generating the two numbers and the correct: “” checking 10 problems. I’m getting all confused with the equation: code and probably everything else too. I found that my special ed kids in middle school, need extensive help with these basic algebra concepts. I’ll appreciate any help with generating this code.

This activity might help you get started:

This is awesome. I looked at the code and was blown away. I’ll never get to that level, lol. Is there a way to have negative numbers omitted? I teach special ed and my low kiddos struggle greatly with both algebra and negative numbers. I would love to keep those two concepts separate until the end of the year.
Any chance you have a random generator like this for adding/subtracting pos/neg integers? And Mult/divide?
Thanks again!

Here’s one that only does subtraction of positive numbers.
I added extra explanations here.
Once you understand page 1 here, then you can look at page 2 (an update of the original file I shared).
Page 2 is more confusing because I had to consider if I needed addition or subtraction and would therefore update the equation (so it would never say 5- (-3) and would instead say 5+3.