Randomly generated subtraction problems (early elementary)

I started working on a subtraction problem generator for a second grader I’m working with to help her visualize subtraction as difference and give her an option for some independent practice.

There are a few things I haven’t figured out how to do, though, and would appreciate any help!

  1. Would love a problem to appear at the start so she doesn’t have to click the Try a Problem button to begin.
  2. Have the math input box be self-checking (i.e. change the note to let her know whether she’s correct or not).
  3. Have the ‘Try another one!’ link (where the action button lives) automatically change to the Try a Problem button after she submits her response (right now, she has to click ‘Try another one!’ and then ‘Try a Problem’ for a few problem to be generated and the math input field to reset…I’d ideally like a single click option.


Here you go - I changed it so the random numbers are generated inside the graph and re-randomized when the Try Again button is clicked. I also added in a little animation to show the student’s answer on the graph. [Copy of] Visualizing Subtraction as Difference • Activity Builder by Desmos

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Ah, that’s perfect! Thanks!