Coding HELP for Systems Solutions!

I am looking for some help with my coding. I created a system of equations activity for my class to complete. It has a lot of CL in the activity so that they can self-check as they work through the slides.

SLIDE #13 & 14 are where I need help. Everything works great until you get to PART C where they have to enter their solution…The answer to #13 is No Solution and #14 is Infinitely Many Solutions. I tried to get the coding to check for all different variations of No Solution but it doesn’t work…


You’d have to edit a lot of slides, but you might consider having a multiple choice (one solution, no solution, infinite solutions) and have the input hidden if they choose one of the latter two. Then, for correctness, have the correct sink for the multiple choice set, and the math input readOnly: true for no solution or infinite solution.

Thank you for your reply. That was what I was thinking could be one possible a work around.

I adjusted the directions so that students wrote NS or IMS for no solution or infinitely many solutions as a quick work around. Not my ideal fix, but it seemed to work great.

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Please excuse me for not using the proper lingo, (I am rather new here) and I have limited experience using CL. However, I think I have a solution to your problem. Whenever I want my students to submit “text” in a “Math input” component (whether it is a fraction, an equation that includes a fraction, or in this case the text “no solution”) …

a) I preview my problem and I type what I expect my students to submit,
b) I “copy” that . and then
c) I “Paste” it in the corresponding CL component …

When I do that, I notice that it always copies the Latex version of it… so in your case. the string “no solution” in Latex is “no\ solution” and it worked for me.

I hope this helps