Text spacing in displayed question text


I have set up an activity with a slide at the end which is hidden. The slide has a table on it where other staff who are can’t code can input the questions and answers and this construct their own activties. These are then pulled to the correct slide to display and mark the question,

However there are issues with the question text being displayed on the slides. Particularly with the letter f. There is a space being left so a question might look like this:
Example 1
If the nth term of a sequence is 6n-5 f ind the dif f erence between the 2nd and 6th terms
Example 2
Express 696000 in s tan dard for m

is there anything I can do to correct this?


Can you share the actual activity? Or give us the code that is being used to pull the questions through, and how the questions are being ‘stored’ on the last slide?


Thanks. Turns out to be just simply that in a table it was automatically set as format as math and therefore "standard " was being read as “s tan dard”, changing to format as text addressed the issue.