Combine two cell values into one (Ordered pairs)

Is it possible to take two values in a table and combine to make an ordered pair? See example 2.

You can, but are you using the x and y columns to just check student answers? Because you can use parseOrderedPair to check student input as a coordinate pair. For example, if the intended answer was (-3,5) you could use:

correct: pair.x=-3 and pair.y=5

The thought was to have them type in the x and y values on this slide and then see how the ordered pair will look, but then on the next slide they will have to type the ordered pair.
So, if i type 2 for x and -4 for y, the last column will then just show them (2,-4). I have it set right now for the table to check their answers for each column.

In that case…

cellContent(1,4): `( ${this.cellContent(1,2)} , ${this.cellContent(1,3)} )`
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Thank you. What about something like this. They place a point into a specific quadrant (open ended) based on the point that is labeled. How would you type the CL to keep this open ended?

Same as accessing a table cell, but using a graph number for any variable in your graph.

cellContent(1,4): `(${graph1.number(`c`)},${graph1.number(`d`)})`

You could also clean up your graph by making moveable named points instead of having so many sliders (e.g. A=(0,0), B=(0,0), then accessing coordinates of those points:

cellContent(1,4): `(${graph1.number(`A.x`)},${graph1.number(`A.y`)})`

Great! Thank you for the quick response.