Compilation for grading

How can I see ALL of the responses from my students on 3 or 4 screens in a Compiled list at the end of the Day’s classes? That is, I want to put in my grade book if each student answered correctly slide 3,7 and 26 for 3 points to their grade. Is there a way to see at the end the answers for ONLY those 3 questions on ONE slide for Every student in the class? (I’ve got the compilation at the end of each students responses to those 3, but still have to go through every student to see what they answered. I’d like this on one slide. Possible?
Asked a million times, I’m sure.

You can’t do it after having assigned it. Many people make summary slides. There’s also a chrome extension that can pull information into a spreadsheet, but I think it utilizes manipulation of screen warnings for correction. Again, something you’d need to code into your activities before assigning them.