Component Names

With the new desmos update, do the components in each slide still have to be independently names, or can each slides input just be named “input” and it wont mess up anything else?

That’s fantastic! I don’t know how I missed that announcement :sweat_smile:. Thank you!

Don’t blame you! This forums been movin quickly!

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Suppose on the last slide of a project, you want to total a lot of inputs from different slides. (For example, I have a lot of assessments that add up points at the end)

Is there a way to give a name to an entire slide, so that you could have something like:


The component that collects whether it is correct or not needs to be named. Here is an example of a quiz I use. The last slide collects the correct or not values and then grades the quiz

Components referenced on other screens need to have unique names. You cannot reference component by its slide. I personally tend to number my components by their slide number (or problem number).

I do that as well, but I am always adding/inserting slides and I lose track pretty fast!!