Copy math Input

How to do I copy a math input into the next slide as a math input?

Generally, you can access the content of a math input using:


Not sure what you mean by copying “as a math input”. You could for example put it into a note:

content: "The equation you entered was ${input12.latex}."

I would like the equation in input1 on the first slide to automatically appear on the next slide.

This goes in your input2 component:

initialLatex: input1.latex

Thanks. I ended up using the CL in a note.

We just needed you to be more specific. You could potentially put a student’s input into a note, table, initialLatex in an input, a point label in a graph or sketch, a selection in a checkbox or multiple choice, in a (sub)title… Without knowing all the options, I suppose, you didn’t realize your request of “automatically appearing on the next slide” was ambiguous.

Thanks for your support on this. I am excited to be able to explore the possibilities. Funny, I don’t know what I don’t know and this was a perfect example :slight_smile:

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