[Copy of] Catalano Quiz#2 Unit 2 • Activity Builder by Desmos

Hi all, I am trying to use cl to create an assessment that will show the students how they did at the end. I would love any help from this amazing group! I have incorrect code on slide 26 and 27. I am also wondering if I could include the short response answers in the student summary and score distribution.

Special thanks to Meghan Smeenk and Katherine Lavine!

In Slide 26, you’re missing the closing quotes in your numericValue for collection. That also fixes the error for Slide 27.

Yes, you could include short response answers (e.g. “${input5.content}”). I’d put them into a note. I don’t think tables do well with longer text.

Thank you so much Daniel! I’d be lost this year without amazing people like you!!!

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