Summary of correct responses

Hi guys! Sorry for so many answers and thank you,

The only thing I miss in Desmos, are things that could be easily implemented. The correctness mark that we teachers get in preview mode

sometimes I would like the students to see it to have more feedback. I end up programming it using graph labels or subtitles which is time consuming and “ugly”.

Also it would be great to have the number of correct questions answered, for the student or the teacher.

I am trying to program it but I got stuck in:


when table4.cellContent(2,1)="✓" numericValue("${graph1.number("g")}+1")

otherwise numericValue("${graph1.number("g")}")

Because it says there is circular dependecy. So it looks like the programming structure:


is not possible in here.

I was thinking on creating a numberList and aggregate every correct answer and at the end check the numberList lenght. I don’t even know if it’s possible.

Thank you for your time

What’s the purpose here? If you have an action button, you can use capture. Instead of your essentially g=g+1 (which would infinitely increase by 1 because it doesn’t read through the code just once), you could have g={last g captured} +1.

Thanks for your reply Daniel,
in most slides I don’t use buttons. I just program what is correct, and that’s it.

The last slide I wanted to be a summary of correct responses with the grade, so student can go back and correct whatever she/he wants. (Similar of what you get as a teacher)

For every question I check the answer and I write a check mark if it’s right or a x if it’s wrong. (That’s already done)

The question here is how I add all the correct answers from the table to get a grade. So my first intention was to define a variable in any of the graphs and just add one for every correct answer.

Thank you

This is the activity. It’s all finished, except that last slide where I wanted to summarize the student work:

I would make variables for each answer (e.g. a1, a2, a3, a4). Then, use the same conditionals that you used for the table in slide 31, but instead of checkmark or X use 1 and 0. Create a total:


Use this for g in your graph:

Thank you Daniel, I finally succeeded:

Can you assign points to each slide and at the end have the final slide add up all the points with a final grade? :sweat_smile:

Yes, that’s what I have been doing lately. The grade it’s at the beginning:

Wow! Looks great! Thank you for sharing. I plan to analyze your CL. I would like to be able to create some activities like yours. I’m hoping it will make my inputting grades easier. Thx :pray:t3: again.

Thank you :pray:t3: for sharing.

I have a bunch done in different topics. Let me know which topic and I might have it.

Oh that is awesome! Do you have solving multi-step equations. Possibly with distributive property. Multiplying polynomials, simplifying exponents (using rules of exponents). Exponential equations and Finally factoring quadratics. I teach math 8 and Algebra 1. I would greatly appreciate it.

This is what I have. I will have power rules by the end of the week.


AWESOME! Thank you for sharing!

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Hi Roger
Your work is awesome! Thank you for sharing.

Hi Roger

I really appreciate you sharing these activities with me. I see that you have done a lot of CL in your Desmos activities. I like that you incorporate a timer and multiple problems in one slide. To be honest that is truly way advanced for me. I would like something really simple to begin to understand. I like that you have a table with the problems that the students got correct and a final grade at the end. Could you, would you be willing to help me attach something like that to my Desmos activity? I would like for each slide that has a correct answer to be assigned 1 point. Then at the end, a grade after the assignment is done. I am attaching my most recent work.

Thanks again for all your help,
Claudia Fuentes

You need something like this

Thank you! I will take a look at it.

Sorry Claudia I sent the wrong one!

This is the one working!