Copy Previous Graph to Next Screen

I am new to CL and am trying to learn from examples… that said, I’ve used copy previous before and see that it has been deprecated.

I have followed the script recommendations for copy the graph to the next screen, only my student input (points) are not being copied, only the axis and labels.

What am I doing wrong between slides 8 and 9?

the activity you shared has nothing on it. you may have only saved it as a draft. Publish it so that we can see whats going on.

Sorry- I have published it now.

here is what I did. I just called the points from the previous slide to the next one.

You will need to transfer your number list from the previous table to your next slide.

I will title the graph in slide 8, say g_slide_8, then add two lists into the graph in slide 9 as the same as the list you used to plot the points in slide 8, let’s assume they are both P_x and P_y for the x and y coordinates respectively. Finally, I will add the code:

numberList("P_{x}"): g_slide_8.numberList("P_{x}")
numberList("P_{y}"): g_slide_8.numberList("P_{y}")

Hope that makes sense.

Thank you - yes, this is very helpful. I appreciate you taking the time to look at this.

Thank you. I appreciate the explanation – I have a lot to learn but am eager to do it!