Copy point labels (from graph) to next slide


Copied and using an activity, and need some CL help. “Move slider to choose an angle”. Notice it has points A-F. But then when you go to the next screen to use your choice, the points are gone. How do you get the points to stay??!! I know using CalculatorState doesn’t allow this from my research, but is there another way? I’m fairly new to CL!

I’ll attach the link. For reference it’s slides 12-13…/5c5b5dd07019ce74806412d1

It looks like the activity is working now - when I go from 12 to 13, the points are still visible and the angle on 13 matches the angle from the slider on 12. Is there anything you still want to fix or change?

Yes it’s working!
Someone from Desmos helped me by fixing the code while still using calculatorState. But I don’t understand the code, and would love to learn about WHY this fixes it. Can you help me understand their code on the slides after the “choose an angle” slide? Help me understand this: (Thank you!)

#background: graphLayer(g1.calculatorState)
number(p_x): g1.number(p_x)
number(p_y): g1.number(p_y)
number(A_0): g1.number(A_0)
number(A_{00}): g1.number(A_{00})
number(A_1): g1.number(A_1)

pointLabel(“A”): “A”

I’m glad it’s working!

The problem with just using calculatorState is that it doesn’t bring labels with it - it copies all the points and lines and definitions, but nothing is labelled.
To keep all the labels, you want to have a graph on screen 13 that is an exact copy of the graph from screen 12 and keeps track of the angle the student selected with the slider. This is what number(A_{00}): g1.number(A_{00}) is doing: A_{00} is what the slider angle is named in the graph, and it’s copied from the graph on screen 12 (g1).

As far as I can tell, you don’t actually need any of the other lines of code. When I tried commenting the other lines out (screenshot below), everything still appeared to work. If someone reading notices something I’m missing or why those other lines would be useful, please chime in!