Copying point labels from one slide to another

On one slide, they had to drag some points onto two number lines to create a double number line. In the accompanying table, they had to put in values that showed up as labels on the points. When I move to the next slide, the points are there on the number line, but the labels to the points don’t come with them.

I’m new to this whole CL coding thing…


If you’re using calculatorState, labels don’t get carried over. If you want to keep labels, you’ll have to use the CL to carryover point coordinates, either as a numberList() or individual number()s. Within the graph, you can create points and set the labels there, or using pointLabel() in the CL.

Sharing your activity will help give more specific help.

This is a copy of the activity… it’s the move from slides 5 to 6, and then slides 8, 9, and 10. I tried to look up some solutions, but I don’t understand the full syntax yet as I’ve never coded the CL stuff before.