Copy Previous Graph Label Issue

I am guessing I am missing something within the new Copy Pervious Graph CL. While cleaning up an older task I notice that my labels do not transfer to subsequent graphs in my activity like they used to.

The particular activity asks students to create a bar graph with sliders. Each of the sliders was labeled with a particular data label. When you go to the next slide all of the labels are gone.

Any ideas how to address this? Do I need to code each of the points in the subsequent graphs?


The graph is is on slide 15 and impacts the next 6 slides.

Yeah, “Copy Previous” was deprecated, so you have to transfer everything individually, but maybe graphLayer?

Try this:
background: graphLayer(graphName.calculatorState)

I don’t know if this is going away.

Thank you for the suggestion, I appreciate the response.

I did originally use the graphLayer and background CL in each of the subsequent graphs. Everything transfers except the label for each of the points in the original graph. I am having a hard time even guessing how to address this.

If they’re not carrying over, you probably have to code them individually.