Correct: latex from math short answer not working

On slide 6 (question 5-5) I have a math short answer box for Hint #1 where students are asked to rewrite an equation using the reciprocal rule of logarithm properties, but when I copy/paste to get the latex the correct: does not work: Is it because it doesn’t like the “…”?

Matching latex, especially for a complicated expression like this, is often problematic. If a student puts even a single space in, or changes the order of something, or doesn’t simplify something, it will mark it incorrect. It’s usually better to use some combination of pattern matching and value checking. But I’m not sure of a good way to deal with the … issue. You may need a different approach, like having the original expression be written in a table with each term as a separate column header and have students write the other form in the first row of each column. Then you could more easily check that each term was written correctly.