Correct point on graph unlocks hidden components

I would like to be able to hide the second note and the table on this slide until students have moved point P into place.

Is there a way to have a correctness check within the graph communicate with other components?

You can pull any numeric variable from a graph using the number source. Here is an example on slide 2: [Copy of] Coordinate Geometry • Activity Builder by Desmos

Amazing, Daniel. You saved me again. Here’s what I did with it :slight_smile: Thank you so much.

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Me again with a related question on this slide.

I’m trying to get two components (marked HideNote and HideRight) to appear when C1, C2, and C3 equal 1. C1,C2, and C3 are within the Graph. Because I used a list to evaluate them, I’m not able to get them to be 1.

@Daniel_Wekselgreene any thoughts on how to correct this?

You can change C_3={.... :1,0} in the graph to be C_3=total({.... :1,0}), which will give a numeric value for C1/2/3 rather than a list. You can then compare C_3 to 3 rather than 1 to see if it is correct.

One of the Daniels on here, I think @Daniel_Grubbs , always suggests that in situations like this you make 0 the “correct” value and 1 for incorrect - that way you’re always checking for C_3=0 for correctness, rather than having to adjust to 3 or 4 or however many terms in your list.

Yep - I made those changes here: [Copy of] Coordinate Geometry • Activity Builder by Desmos

I didn’t edit the rest of the slide because I wasn’t clear what everything should do.

Thanks, again! It worked.

@pirsquared I do like that! Though I’ve since had to conform for the purposes of collaboration!

Haha! You guys are funny.

It wasn’t working that way, anyway, so I changed it back to C_1={… :1,0}. Here’s my final product. I know you’re all busy, but Slide 8 might make you laugh.

Not sure if I’ll even use it, but I learned a lot making this activity. I appreciate all of your help. Thank you. @Daniel_Grubbs, you didn’t specifically help on this one, but you’ve helped me before, so thank you to you, too.

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