Correctness Checkmark

I am having an issue getting the dashboard to show a “correct checkmark” for slide #2.

I was hoping it would show as correct if the user answers “yes” AND plots the points accurately on slide #1

numericValue can only output numbers. isAccurate would output a list so it doesn’t work. Try using the graph to do your calculations instead of the CL. I would suggest doing something to reorder the lists of student variables just in case they plot out of order.

I don’t think that is true.
I don’t think isAccurate is a list, I think it is a boolean (true/false).

You’re right. I thought x_a and whatnot were also lists, but they were totals.

Your current CL gives me a check when I do it correctly. If you want each point to be within 1 unit, then your check is flawed. isAccurate is checking that the total of the differences is less than one, rather than each individually. (Also, not sure why you needed a separate graph component instead of putting it all in the sketch component.)

With your current CL, you could count the number of coordinates that are within 1 using this:

C_X={abs(sort(X_a) - sort(X_u) )<1:1,0}

then if the total of this list is 3, they’re all correct.

Edit: You may want to use sort to put your lists in ascending order in case students don’t plot their points in order. I added that to the code above.

Ya, that’s a good idea. I realized my method of checking wasn’t great and I really like your idea of how to improve it. I definitely do that.

Do you really get a checkmark for slide #2? I cannot for the life of me get a checkmark to appear in the dashboard for slide #2 no matter what I do.

I made sk.script.isAccurate a second condition for the multiple choice and made the sketch readOnly and that works. I’m guessing it’s because nothing is being added to the sketch, so nothing gets checked as though a student never accessed the component. Like the way an errorMessage in a table won’t activate until something is entered in the cell.

Makes sense. Thanks again.

I realize this is an old post, but this activity helped me figure out something I was trying to do, so thank you! Also, I’m not sure if you still needed to get the checkmark on the second slide, but it worked for me if I made the graph cl say readOnly: true