Correctness on Multiple Student Inputs

I would like for the gray check to only appear if they have all inputs correct for the vertex form. I thought I had it but it still isn’t working. Any help would be appreciated. Slide 2 is the only one I have tried editing. This is not my activity but I am trying to change some things for my students.

You have the correctness sink commented out on mi1d:

If you delete the # before correct:, you get the tick as you wanted.

Just as an aside, you have in the graph both a correct: and a readOnly, which kind of cancel each other out - you only need the readOnly one.

So I just need to hashtag all of the correct in each input, do I need to change the graph CL with the correct from all inputs. Or change all of them to readonly?

You removed the # from the correct: on mi1d? This is exactly what I did, and it fixed it for me…

The # turns the line into a comment, which means it won’t run (which is why it greys out whatever’s after it). The issue in the original was that the correct: was #'d out, so there was no correct condition for that particular input - hence why you couldn’t get the full tick, only the dot.

If you’ve gone and added #s to the other inputs then that will have made the issue worse rather than better - please confirm exactly what changes you’ve made.

I was able to fix it. In the graph CL I added all the conditions for each input.
Like mi1a.script.correct=1 and so on for every input on the right side. I also made them all read only and # all the correct:correct