CL help: I'm not getting the grey check mark on the teacher dashboard

I have been working on this for over an hour and cannot figure out why this code leaves a dot in the dashboard rather than a check mark.

correct1 = this.numericValue = 7

correct: correct1

suffix: when correct1 “:white_check_mark:
otherwise “:thinking:

Can anyone please help?

Here is the activity link - I’m looking specifically at slide 6 (and 7, 8, 9 eventually):

It’s a subtle error. A correctness sink will only be triggered when a student interacts with that component. So in this case, there is no way for the student to interact with the table, so its correctness sink can’t be triggered. That ambiguity then leaves the dot in place as an indicator that the teacher should look at it to judge.

Since your correctness is only based on what the student enters in the input component, the simplest solution is to delete the correctness sink from the table and set readOnly:true. In general, you probably want to make all interactive components readOnly:true if they are not being used for correctness checking.

I’ve been trying the readOnly and can’t seem to make it work either.

I would like the students to see feedback on their screen (green check vs emoji) AND also have a check mark on my dashboard. Is that possible? Can you help me with the code?

As mentioned, add this:

Thank you! That worked. :slight_smile:

I was trying to enter the readOnly in the input box, not the table. I didn’t understand that they were working together.

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