Checking Latex Input for Correctness

Hi, I’m working on a set of shell-pages for my team so they can plug them into activities they create. The two slides in this activity are for explicit and implicit equations, depending on needs.

In both, my general method for checking equation accuracy is the evaluate at three (more if needed) points (X,Y) give an answer OTHER than 0 when totaled.

For explicit functions, I just compare F(X), the student input evaluated at three test points X to f(x), the teacher-defined answer.

My ‘correct’ sink is in my equation input, and reads whether my Check number is =1 or =0.

It works inside my graphing calc, but when the correct answer is typed it displays a grey dot instead of a grey check. It does definitively display incorrect answers.

Is there something I missing to get that grey checkmark to appear or am I stuck with a grey dot?

The first thing I noticed that you’ll want to put readOnly: true in the graph CL. Does that fix the problem?

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Boom. Thanks!

So if there are multiple elements with access to the ‘correct’ sink, I need to readOnly the ones to ignore. Is that accurate?

That is correct. Either correct or readOnly sinks for each (usually) student editable components in order to get a checkmark or x in the dashboard. Not necessary for media or note components. However, the presence of a text input or explain prompt expects teacher review, and, thus, will at best result in a dot.