Count Correct M/C Answers

How would you count the number of correct multiple choice answers a student has? Say you had 10 M/C inputs across 10 screens. I would like to output that number on the 11th screen.

Then I would like to aggregate the entire classes’ correct answer total on the 12th screen to create a distribution of score frequencies. How can this be done?

I’m not sure whether there is a more efficient way, but on the 11th screen you can have a graph component that defines 10 variables – 1 for each of the MC questions – 1 for a correct choice and 0 if incorrect. Then, you can find the sum of all of that within the graph and report it on a note.

On screen 12, you can use the aggregate function on the variable you defined as the total and store it as a numberList.

I have a sample here with 3 questions, and reporting as a box and whisker on slide 5: Multiple Choice - Grading • Activity Builder by Desmos