Number of correct answers (math input)

Hi, I am making a quick practice. I want to be able to count the number of correct answers (all of them are math inputs) and share the score on the last page. I know how to give instant feedback after each answer in math input , I know how to score multiple choice questions and show the score on the last page (not that I really know these, I just copied and pasted things I found).

Af first I had the answers be text inputs and wrote, number(“a_1”): when a1.content="-16" 1 otherwise 0 and that worked. However, I want to keep it as math inputs instead of text inputs. Could someone help please… thank you.

Here are a few:

This is a homework. When you type in “baldreeresults” it pops up a table

Here is a quiz that when you type the same or hit a button it pops up the result

Here is a test where if you type “baldreeresult” it pops up the table.

With the quiz and the test it collects not only student data but also class averages for the test score and each individual question. The homework does not do that

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essentially each question is written so that when correct its a 1 and when it is not it is a 0. The table displays the 1 or the 0 next to the slide, and then it adds all them numbers up, divides by how many questions there are, and gives that as a percent.