Count total number of correct answers

I know this has been asked a few times but I still haven’t been able to figure it out. How do I put a total number of correct answers on either each slide or just the final slide? I am telling students to keep going until they get all answers correct for their factoring practice. However, some students are still skipping an occasional slide and not realizing it. Can I put a total number of correct answers for the activity on a final slide somehow. This way they would know if they didn’t get the total “20/20” correct, they need to go back and check their previous slides. Any help is appreciated.

Since you have a “correct” variable in each input, you could also set a “score” along with it:

score=when correct 1 otherwise 0

then in a final slide (which you could still reference in notes or subtitles on any other slide):

total= numericValue(`${input3.script.score}+${input4.script.score}+${input4.script.score}+...etc.`)
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That worked. Thank you so much!!

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