CoverText conditional on Table Correctness


I have been creating activities using borrowed CL code because I do not know how to do it yet. So I come to you pros with 2 questions. I figured out how to us coverText to limit students from moving on pressing a button, however I was wondering:

Question1: Is it possible to tie the coverText to the accuracy of table input instead of a button pressCount? So I have a table that is self checking, but I was hoping that “Please go back and check your table” would appear until the table was 100% complete and accurate to prevent kiddos from just skipping to the enrichment activity.

Question2: I figured out how to make the button appear once the table it 100% filled in, is there a way to also tie it to accuracy of the table? Oh and can a button take you to the next screen?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Here is an example. Demo to Check Correctness Before Next Slide • Activity Builder by Desmos
The next button is your button to the next screen. However, the next screen is “closed” until the previous one is correct.

You are awesome, thank you!