Creating a Class Dotplot for stats


I cannot code anything to save my life. I feel like this should be doable.

Slide 1: Class enters their data.
NOTE: The data is collected outside of the desmos. Students will compute the number they need, but will need to enter it on the desmos. There will be five numbers each student has to enter.

Slide 2: A class dotplot of all the numbers entered.

Help appreciated more than you can know.
Sincerely a struggling stats teacher in Michigan.

This should prove helpful:

It’s from this post:

Thanks! I did see this one, but I think what I need is slightly different? Maybe? I don’t need the kids to pull the numbers from a graph and record them in the table. They just need to input numbers they have already (from an outside simulation) into a math input or table I guess. So I don’t need that graph on the first part I guess is what I am saying.

When they enter numbers in the table, it displays their dotplot. You can just hide the graph on that screen if you don’t want them to see their personal dotplot. Just put this in the graph CL:

hidden: true

You could probably rewrite this to bypass the graph completely, but hiding it will allow you to use it without modifying very much.