Need help modifying this Activity

On slide 5, I want my students responses to populate on the graph to show the simulated sampling distribution. The awesome person that created this, originally only had 10 values in the table on slide 4. I have 20 kids in my class. I can’t figure out how to modify the computation layer to reference all 20 values.

Anyone have some ideas?

Do you know if the “Excel File posted on Schoology” explains the table on screen 4 differently? I don’t really understand “seat number” — are students leaving most of the table blank, and just filling out the one row that matches which seat they sit in in the classroom? I kind of doubt that… In that case, the original author could have just used an input field.

Regardless, I see that in the graph H is built from the first ten aggregate values of each row in the table — for the h rows. There’s CL code for a y row and x rows after, so it looks like the CL is ready for the full 20 rows of table. I’d replace the graph’s H definition with this:


join may not have existed when this activity was originally built, and it’s a great way to smoosh lists together! Even if you have 1000 students all entering values into row 1, the dotplot for H should show up just fine. Not so sure about the m_H… I think that might just be mean(H), maybe they meant to be multiplying mean(h0)*length(h0) instead of mean(h0)*total(h0)? Or my stats brain could be fuzzy.