Dealing with shifting dimensions of the graph display

I’m trying to meticulously format the display of a graph component that is present with a note and expression input component on the same screen. The dimensions of the display seem to be different when I edit the graph than they are when I preview the activity. This means I need to keep adjusting the graph and previewing the activity to format.

Is there some way to set the dimensions of my browser window and/or the ranges of the axes of the graph so that what I see in edit mode is what appears in preview mode?

Not exactly, but setting your window settings and then adjusting the expression bar width until you get a square viewport often helps.

One thing that I have done that has helped is create four variables of makeBounds(a,b,c,d). Then in the graph window I have x=a; x=b, y=a, y=b… essentially showing you the same window, but not exactly since I do not think the graph component is square.