Desmos is Hiring!

We’re looking for people to join us in our mission to help every student learn math and love learning math.

Applications are now open for Interaction and Lesson Developers! Spread the word, y’all.


Hi Jay!

I recently applied for the product support manager position, but haven’t heard anything.
Hi Jay!

I recently applied for the product support manager position, but haven’t heard anything.

Any response would be great!

Thank you,

Kyle Greenholt

Thank you,

Kyle Greenholt

Thanks for the info! Any plans for part time work in the future?

The positions don’t mention hours (part-time vs full-time) or salary/benefits. I know I’ve had colleagues not wanting to spend the time applying without knowing this information. Is it posted somewhere? Thank you.

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Not currently, but we’ll keep you posted.

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I was also interested in these topics before I went and applied! Looking forward to your reply Jay!

This would be awesome, but I would hate to leave my classroom!

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I would love this!



Yes, that would be great if there was a part-time (paid or not) way to work on collaborating to develop activities. Is there any vehicle out there for this? I’ve heard about some Desmos summer events for teachers, is that an avenue to get involved in activity collaboration?

Hi Jay,
The Lesson Developer position says Remote (United States).
Is it possible for international applicants (Canada) to apply for this posting?

I love it when people hit reply all to an email that is sent out by a massive company

“It takes the smartest individuals to realize there’s always more to learn” Fallout 3

Raymond Meeker
7th grade advanced math and science
Room 101
Pierce Middle School
5145 Hatchery Rd, Waterford Twp, MI 48329

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Hey Raymond!

If you’re getting all of these replies as emails, it might be because you have your notification settings set to email you updates and are watching (have alerts turned on) for the Announcements category as these are public replies in a forum topic.

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Hi Matthew,

We aren’t accepting international applications for the Lesson Developer posting. Thanks for reaching out.

Hi Laura,

Both positions are full-time positions. In terms of salary, it’s not 100% uniform, and depends a bit on a variety of factors. Our aim is to be competitive with other positions in education.

Hope this helps.


Would the interaction developer position be open for international applications? (if not, would there be a plan in the future?)

I build a lot of lessons in Desmos. I love learning and teaching math.

Before I taught, I worked as a systems analyst and test manager for project management.

I don’t know if I should apply.


I don’t work for Desmos, but if you like it and you want the job, you should apply!

sounds good. I at least would like to explore that possibility. I have always wanted to design curriculum.


Hi Jinsol. Yes, we would consider international applications for the interaction developer position.

Thank you for the reply!