Detect color/activation status of equations in students' graphs?

I want to create a lesson teaching students how to change the color of graphs, or turn the graphs of certain equations on/off. The lesson context will be a screen in which students are given points displayed on the graph, plus 4 equations listed in the expression list – students will have to de-select the 3 equations that don’t match the points and change the color to red for the equation that does match the points.

I want to create automated feedback and correctness checking for this screen. How can CL detect the color that a given function is using in the calculator? Thanks

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Sorry - there’s no support for doing that using the calculator’s native UI.

You could make an activity using something like a multi-select multiple choice to implement a similar interaction, but clearly that wouldn’t achieve the goal of teaching students to change the color of the graph, or hide certain equations. You could have students do it, and just look at the results, but we keep a pretty clear separation between things that are computations and things that are just display settings, and there’s no way to get access to those view settings (e.g. equation color, whether the user has hidden it) to use within any kind of computation (either calculator or CL) right now.

One possible exception (may not meet you needs at all) would be marbleslides - marbles will only respond to equations that are displayed. Could be a way to add a bit of delight and feedback to an activity about showing / hiding equations in the UI.

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The marbleslides idea would work perfectly here. Thank you!

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