Two equations from student input on same graph in different slide

Here is an activity I am trying to make work:

I originally tried to have students input the equation on slides 1 and 3 as as an "input’ rather than a table. I changed to a table to try to use some help I got.

I see how a table would be helpful if I was going to ask for both equations on the same screen. However, I think for this I would rather use input. Is that possible?

I was able to get the equation from slide 1 to appear on my graph in slide 2, and the same with slides 3 to 4. I would LOVE to change the color on slide 4 so the two lines are not both red.

Finally, I would like to have both of the equations entered show up in the different colors they were on slides 2 and 4 on the same graph on slide 5.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you!!

For clarification, do you want to use a single input on a single screen to enter equations one after the other or inputs on multiple screens to appear on a single graph? Both possible, but very different in their approach.

I’d like the two equations entered on different screens to both appear on a single graph later in the activity.

Hi Virginia,
I made a copy of your activity and made some edits.
Is this what you had in mind? [Copy of] US Shirts • Activity Builder by Desmos

Let me know if you have any questions or would like any help in the future.
Looks like a fun activity : )

Looking at what mxepstein did, how do you know that the colors will end up being red and blue? Is there a way to control what color each equation is?

On the graphs of that activity, you’ll notice that there are error messages on some of the lines. If you select the option to create a slider, the error message will go away and you can select the color you are looking for. You can always delete those sliders later and the color that you chose will be the same.

With the graphing calculator’s new color functions, I’m guessing you can control the color using CL but the way I described above is the easiest.

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