Display equations that created graphed lines

Totally new to this.

I copied a set called “investigating rates of change”

On screen 3/13 it instructs “Here are the graphs for all of your classmates. What do these graphs have in common?” and it shows the aggregated graphs that each student had entered on a previous screen/prompt.

I would like to also display the equations that created these lines. I don’t know what is possible but I’m imagining something like when you click a point on the coordinate plane the coordinates of that point are displayed. Is there a way for me to edit this screen so that if a student clicks on a line the equation that created the line is displayed.

Thank you!

I don’t believe what you envision is possible. Clicking on a point only toggles the coordinates. You can turn the labels on in the graphing calculator and have that display the equation, but they cannot be toggled off. This might lead to a messy screen depending on how many students are in your class.

Understood. Thanks CW. How do display the graphing calculator? This is what the student screen is.

This is the edit screen

I have a way to get the equations to show as I described as before. I randomized the coordinates to help with the clutter.

Here’s a link to the activity. I made edits to slide 2 and 3.

That’s awesome. Thank you, CW. If I open the computation layer on the original and yours will I be able to see the difference between how it was coded?

Yes, you should be able to see the difference. I added some code to the graph component on slides 2-3 and I also had to add a couple lines to the graphing calculator on those two slides. To see that, just click on the “Edit Graph” section that is shown on the picture you attached earlier.