Dilations Self Check

Hello everyone! The goal is have my students graph points of a dilation and it will tell them if it is correct. Preferrably would also tell me how many times they check their answer too but that part is just extra :slight_smile:

This is the graphs

You will not see any coding in there at the moment because I’ve hidden my mistake one :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance I’m losing it

I can try to help with your code if you have something started. In the meantime, you can check out my process in these templates to see if that helps. Transforming Polygons (templates, repeated practice, visualizers) • Activity Builder by Desmos Classroom

I tried looking at your template and got a little lost (long week)

It is screen 4 here
(Really screen 4-6, but I can duplicate if needed too ha)

I edited screen 4 to work with 3 points instead of 4 (that was the problem). See if that works for you.

You can copy/paste and change the original triangle inside the graph, and then you can change the scale factor or center of dilation in the CL (or you can change it in the graph and delete the CL lines).

Thank you! Appreciate all the help