How to aggregate student points?

I’m using the Desmos curriculum, and I was inspired by an activity in Unit 1 that allowed students to compare plotting points for a reflection with and without a grid. I wanted to recreate that same experience for their first experience doing dilations on and off of a grid.

I added in slide 4 (new) & adjusted some of the code on slides 2 and 3. In particular, I’m struggling with why my code won’t export the “final” version of the point that the students submit, but is instead using the initial values of the moveable point. I’m not sure if I need another set of variables or… It worked to aggregate the points when I didn’t have two separate points (one movable and one that’s static after the student clicks submit). Perhaps I need to have the capture happen differently? Any advice is welcome!

Here’s my activity, but unfortunately, it’ll only be visible if you’ve got a subscription to the Desmos curriculum as well:

Since this is only visible to curriculum subscribers, would you mind just posting your code so others are able to see what you have so far?

I think I have something based on what you described here, but let us know if this doesn’t help.

Thank you for sharing! This was super helpful and allowed me to find the error in my code. I had been pulling strings of the coordinates (“x_1”) instead of the latex (x_1), which is why it wasn’t actually using the numbers at all in my aggregation. Otherwise, the code was correct (ironically!).

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