Disable Hidden Objects in Geometry

I’m trying to create a ‘black box’ type activity using a Geometry component, and need students to not access the ‘hidden objects’. Any idea on how to disable this feature for students? Is it possible to limit what tools students see or use when using the geometry components?

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Great question - and I don’t know the answer but I would love to be able to use Geometry more in my activities and disable various features using CL - basically so I can have a diagram present like with the graph component.

Not sure if any CL sinks/sources are coming to the Geometry component though!?

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So far nothing in the CL documentation about sinks/sources, however if you start playing with the computation layer it will debug and tell you what is not supported, so hopefully that means that improvements are incoming.

I’m trying to rebuild using a graph component, knowing that I can hide the items, and then give students a geometry component to experiment and play with. I’ll (maybe) post my activity tomorrow when finished.

Just also wondering if there is some way to disable the hidden objects box too. It gave away too much information when I challenged students to reproduce an image.