Geometry component readOnly

Is there a way to make the Geometry Component read only. I know in graphs you can use
readOnly: true but I get an error trying to use in the Geometry component.

There’s no CL for the geometry component, unfortunately.

Doesn’t that mean you shouldn’t need readOnly, or is it like a text input or explain prompt, where it’s expected a teacher needs to look at it?

The latter. In the same way that a CL-less graph or sketch will trigger a dot

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Are there plans for there to be?

I’m wanting to use Geometry tool to make diagrams sometimes but I don’t want the students editing it afterwards. Would prefer not to have to screencap and upload as an image.

(I was just about to make a new post in #general about this too! gg search-before-posting )

There are no plans to add CL to the geometry component at this time.

Boo. Ok thanks for getting back to me.