Disable student image upload

Is there a way for CL to disable the student image upload feature for Free Response questions, or Math Response questions with “explain your reasoning”? I have a teacher who wants to avoid students snapping pictures of her and uploading.



This and the ability to control what kinds of things students submit(such as also prohibiting audio recordings of class, or other students) is not just a sorely-needed feature, but a neccesary one.

Can’t upvote this enough.


I don’t know if there is a way but I think that CL is only a partial solution to this problem.

The teacher who wants to restrict uploads should not need to copy and edit every activity, changing the CL for every screen in order to achieve it.

This could (should?) be something that is controlled at an activity level or account level through teacher.desmos.com, like how you can control pacing and student names, for example.

I think this is true of a few things discussed in this forum, where people are asking how to code something in CL rather than asking for the feature to be available to all teachers (even those who do not know how to edit activities). An obvious recent example would be making a response read-only at some point, which can be done through CL but not naturally through the dashboard (pausing also makes it impossible to get to a different screen).


Any change this could be offered as an option soon…
that is to turn on/off the upload image and upload audio either globally in a lesson or through cl?

I’d like to add to this about uploading audio- it’s very laggy and won’t upload when kids try and during class I don’t really have the time to listen to audio clips.

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